We offer a wide range of services for your business and home. From consultation, planning and design to procurement, supplier management and implementation. Additional services include garden ideas, tips and advice for commercial and domestic landscapes.


Landscape Design

3D and 2D Design and planning Advice and consultation


Hard Landscaping

Patios and Pools, Planters, Walls, Shading and Outdoor Structures


Soft Landscaping

Over 500 indigenous, edible and ornamental plants sourced for quality and price.


Water Solutions

Automated irrigation to specification, rainwater harvesting solutions

Whatever your goals may be we have the experience and ingenuity to make your dreams a reality

Enhance curb appeal ● Improve property value ● Uplift your building’s façade ● Encourage biodiversity ● Adopt an evergreen garden ● Resolve drainage problems ● Implement water-wise solutions ● Create a recreational space ● Clean up overgrown trees and shrubbery ● Remove invasive plant species ● Improve energy efficiency ● Surrounding noise reduction